Grading must be conducted by grade 12 or above. Candidates must be recommended by Grade 11 or above.





Wai Kru


Shadow Boxing using all types of weapon and movement


Padwork using all teep techniques

Padwork using all elbow techniques

Padwork using all knee techniques

Padwork using punch and elbow

Padwork using knee and kick


Det Chieng 50 times left, 50 times right

Kow Loi 20 times left, 20 times right

Det Dawad 20 times left, 20 times right

Chorakay Fad Hang – Crocodile swings its tail – Serb Yang and strike back with heel

Raamahsoon Kwang Kwaan – Push and then Flying Elbow


Defence against all techniques using parry, block, slip, and foot movement.

As above with counter attacks


Name and demonstrate 10 Look Mai Muay Thai techniques


Sparring with Full Protection


Developmental Stretch