Grading must be conducted by Grade 11 or above. Candidates must be recommended by Grade 10 or above.





Shadow Boxing


Wai Kru


Demonstrate Kum Chung, Serb, Seur Yang, Salaab Fan Pla, Yang Saang Khum, Karb Lang

Mah Yaawng – Horse Trot – Moving forwards with high knee block

Yang Suk Gasem – Two foot touch movement to help with double kicks


Sok Tee

Sok Tad

Sok Nad

Sok Pung

Sok Gratung

Sok Glab – Reverse elbow

Sok Sap – Downward elbow

Sok Ku – Double downward elbow


Bag work using Sok Pahsorm


Kow drong

Kow Chieng

Kow Dat

Kow Dee

Kow Laa

Kow Loi – Flying Knee


Bagwork using Kow Pahsorm


Teep Drong

Teep Karng

Tay Drong

Tay Chieng

Tay Dat

Tay Dawad


Bagwork using Tay/Teep Pahsorm


Light Sparring


Look Mai Muay Thai :

Dab Chawala

Erawan Soy Ngaa – Elephant Thrusts Tusk – Block punch and mahd soy to chin

Pra Rarm Fad Sorn

Sok Pung Malai – Elbow the Flower Garland – Block punch and sok pung to sternum

Noo Tie Raw

Hak Kor Erawan – Break the Elephants Neck – Clinch head down with hands down and elbows up.


Developmental Stretch