Grading to be conducted by Grade 11 or above. Candidates to be recommended by grade 10 or above.





All techniques to be demonstrated to the rythm of Muay Thai Music


Wai Kru


Shadow Box using Sok and Kow techniques

Shadow Box using Sok, Kow, and Det Dat


Kum Chung, Serb, Salaab Fan Pla, Karb Laang.

Seur Yang – Advanced with Yan and counter attack

Yang Sang Khum – Encourage high kick, slip backwards, and come forwards with shin block.


Maht Pahsorm on Bag


Sok Tee

Sok Dat

Sok Nad

Sok Pung

Sok Grahtung – reverse upward elbow strike

Sok Pahsorm


Kow Drong

Kow Chieng

Kow Dat

Kow Dee

Kow Laa – Half Knee/Half Shin

Kow Pahsorm


Teep Drong

Teep Karng

Det Dawad – 45% over the guard and downward kick

Det/Teep Pahsorm


Block and Counter Attack


Light Sparring


Look Mai Muay Thai:

Dab Chawala – Extinguish the Lamps – Parry punch and punch

Pra Rarm Fad Sorn – Rama pulls the Bowstring – forearm downward block

Noo Tie Raw – Mouse runs up the line – parry punch, grab shoulder, and knee


Developmental Stretch