Grading to be conducted by Khan 11 or above. Candidates to be recomended for grading by Khan 10 or above.





Shadow Boxing using all defensive techniques


Wai Kru


Demonstrate Kum Chung, Serb, Salaab Fan Pla, Karb Laang

Seur Yang – Tiger Stalking with Yan


Maht Ku – Two handed Punch

Grabold Maht – Jumping Punch

Two punch combinations

Three punch combinations


Sok Tee

Sok Dat

Sok Nad

Sok Pung – Spear Elbow

Sok Pahsorm


Kow Drong

Kow Chieng

Kow Dat

Kow Dee – Swing Side Knee

Kow Pahsorm


Teep Drong

Teep Karng – Push Kick with foot at 45%, heel, sole, and toes

Teep Glaab Lang – Sidekick after roundhouse miss or caught and thrown

Det Drong

Det Chieng

Det Dat

Det Dawat – Over the guard 45% downward kick

Det Teep Pahsorm


Light Sparring


Developmental Stretch