Grading to be conducted by Khan 11 or above. Candidates must be recomended for grading by Khan 10 or above.

Skipping and Shadow Boxing




Wai Kru


Counting in Thai 1 to 10


Kum Chung



All techniques demonstrating left (sy) and kwaa (right)

Kow Bung Nok

Kow Bung Nai

Pong, Put, Pit, Purd


Madt Drong

Madt Soy

Madt Dawat

Madt Cork – Over the top hook

Maht Kwang – Swinging punch with fist or forearm

Madt Pahsorm


Sok Tee

Sok Dat

Sok Nad – upward elbow strike

Sok Pahsorm


Kow Drong

Kow Chieng

Kow Dat – 90% Knee

Kow Pahsorm


Teep Drong – low

Teep Drong – mid level

Det Drong

Det Chieng – low

Det Chieng – mid level

Det Dat – low 90% kick

Det Dat – mid level 90% kick

Det Dat – high level 90% kick

Det Teep Pahsorm


With Partner demonstrate the following :


Yan – with counter attacks

Salaab Fan Pla – advanced with counter attacks


Light sparring




Developmental Stretch