Grading to be conducted by Khan 11 or above. Candidates must be recommended for grading by Khan 10 or above.

Skipping and Shadow Boxing




Wai Kru – Respect to the Teachers


Counting in Thai 1 to 10


Kum Chung – Bow, Nai Khanom Tom, Stance and Guard


All techniques demonstrating left (sy) and right (kwaa)


Serb – forward movement with Ram Muay style turn (Karb Laang)


Mahd Drong – straight punch

Mahd Soy – uppercut punch

Mahd Dawat – close hook

Mahd Pahsohm – punch combinations


Sok Tee – 45 degree downward elbow

Sok Dat – 90 degree elbow

Sok Pahsohm – elbow combinations


Kow Drong – straight knee

Kow Chieng – 45 degree knee

Kow Pahsohm – knee combinations


Teep Drong – straight push kick – to leg and to stomach

Det Drong – straight up parallel to head and turn in at last minute

Det Chieng – 45 degree roundhouse kick – to leg and to body

Teep Det Pahsohm – kick combinations


Kao Bung – Knee Block

Kao Bung Nok – Outside Block – low and high

Kao Bung Nai – Inside Block – low and high

Pong – Neck block

Put – Face block

Pit – Chin block

Purd – long guard


Yan – parrying with hand, elbow, & knee.

Salaab Fan Pla – Basic slip with parry




Developmental Stretch

Khan 1

If you would like to grade at the Harrogate gym, please ask one of your coaches.